Card Payment System

Process Data Quickly (PDQ)

Process Data Quickly (PDQ) machines are now widely used by businesses, large and small. Card payments have become so common that many people expect to use their credit or debit cards in almost any scenario. What could be more frustrating than turning down a customer because you don’t have a PDQ machine? Card terminals have made life easier not only for customers but also businesses, having helped increase sales and turnover.

PDQ machines customized for your business

  1. Countertop– This sits next to the till or sales desk. It is connected to a broadband or phone connection. Countertop terminals are mainly used in businesses with a single fixed sales point.
  2. Portable – This terminal gives you greater flexibility; using wireless or Bluetooth technology, this machine connects to a central hub or dock with a range of approximately 100 metres. These terminals are widely used in the hospitality industry.
  3. Mobile/GPRS– These PDQ machines can be used anywhere with a mobile network signal via a service provider and roaming SIM card – perfect for businesses on the move.
  4. Contactless: Contactless payments are relatively new technology for credit cards and debit cards. Transactions can be almost twice as fast as conventional cash, credit, or debit card purchases.

What are the costs?

There are many different terminals available to purchase or rent. Costs vary between £10 and £35 per month to hire depending on machine type, plus transaction charges. Before you can accept credit and debit card payments you will require a merchant account, this is different to your bank account but can be linked up with it.

Why switch your merchant services?

  • Cheaper and faster than your bank can provide.
  • Save up to 35% by switching to a provider that charges lower fees.
  • We will switch you over and set you up within a few weeks.
  • We will upgrade you to a new terminal that is faster and takes contactless.
  • Processed payments will arrive in your bank account faster.

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